Meningkatkan Prestasi Belajar pada Mata Pelajaran Ekonomi melalui Model Pembelajaran Kooperatif Tipe Tgt (teams games tournament)

Dr. Munawaroh


This research aims to explain the  increase in student achievement in the subject matter to identify the factors that influence the demand and supply with the application of cooperative learning model TGT (Teams Games Tournament) This classroom action research consist of two cycles. Each cycle is done with three meetings. Data collection using observation, testing, and documentation . Observational methods used to capture student data related to aspects of a student's readiness to accept the lesson , and student activity during the learning process. The test is used to determine student learning outcomes. While documentation are used to provide a more real picture of the atmosphere of the class during the learning process takes place. The results were obtained from the application of the TGT (Teams Games Tournament) is in

the first cycle of learning readiness by 86.95 % and the second cycle of learning readiness has reached 100 % . While the involvement of the student in the first cycle of 45.65 % rising to 78.26 in the second cycle . This increase was followed by an increase in student learning outcomes by 67,39% in the first cycle of 32,60% at baseline to 91,30% findings in the second cycle . So the application of learning models TGT (Teams Games Tournament) successfully improve student achievement in the subject matter of demand and supply graders X4 SMA PGRI 1 Jombang to the provisions of the

thoroughness of more than or equal to 80 % 

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