Publication Ethics

Articles published in the journal include manuscripts on the results of research conducted by lecturers, teachers or students in the field of mathematics or mathematics education, pure mathematics research, research on applications of mathematics in everyday life and research on mathematical literature.

All articles, submitted via, will first be checked by the editorial team regarding compliance with the template. If the editorial team states that the article is in accordance with the template, the article will be sent to a reviewer who is an expert in their field for review. The decision for publication, change, or rejection is based on the reviewer's report/recommendation. If the reviewer considers the article unfit/worthy to be published in this journal, a statement explaining the reviewer's decision will be sent to the author within a maximum of three months from the date of submission.

The journal of “edumath” is published 4 times a year, in February, May, August and November

a. Manuscripts have not been published in other journals and print media.
b. Manuscripts are original works, free from plagiarism and follow writing ethics.
c. Everything related to licensing of citations, the use of software for making manuscripts or other matters related to intellectual property rights carried out by        the author of the article, along with the legal consequences that may arise as a result are the full responsibility of the author of the manuscript.
d. All manuscripts are reviewed by peer reviewers who are appointed by the editor according to their field of expertise. Authors are given the opportunity to          revise the manuscript on the basis of suggestions from reviewers or editors. Confirmation of manuscript loading or rejection will be notified in writing.
e. Writing requirements:
    1) Manuscript is written with 1.5 spaces, A4 paper, 10-20 pages long.
    2) The manuscript is written in Microsoft word, and submitted via
    3) Writing systematics:
       a) Research results
           Title; b) Author's name; c) Abstract; d) Keywords; e) Introduction; f) Research methods; g) Research results; h) Discussion;                                                    i) Conclusions and suggestions; j) References

       b) non-research results
           Title; b) Author's name; c) Abstract; d) Keywords; e) Introduction; f) Discussion; g) Closing or Conclusion; h) References

Starting February 2022, for mathematics lecturers, mathematics teachers or students from mathematics and mathematics education study programs who is willing to publish their articles, they will be charged a submit and publish fee of Rp. 100,000.00